Short about Andreas

Andreas Wennermark




Andreas Wennermark is an engineer studying Business Design with a profile against Intellectual Capital Management at Chalmers Schools of Entrepreneurship.


Chalmers University of Technology (Ongoing)

School of Intelectual Capital Management, Masters program in Business Design

Automation and Mechatronics, Bachelor’s degree in Automation and Mechatronics.

Expects to graduate master in 2012.

Gothenburg Technical College, (GTG) (2003 -2006) Industrial specially designed high school program with a large insight in the automobile industry and a profile against sciences of technology. This program contained 3950 points (833 points is a year of fulltime studying).

Professional experience

2008, 2009, 2010, Inventory Manager Volvo Car Corporation Torslanda (Summer employment)
As an inventory manager my responsibilities was the logistic supply of spare parts to Volvo Car Corporations North American, Chinese, Russian and Turkish storage facilities. This includes daily contact with the storages and responsibility for their entire stock.

2007 - , System administrator, WSR Ekonomi och Teknik AB (By the hour)
Responsible for maintenance, support and safety.

For complete information regarding professional experience, please see the Résumé.